Jewish Museum in Berlin: Interior

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Visitors enter the museum via an underground tunnel from an adjacent building. At this level, walls and floor tilt in a disorienting manner. The choices are few. One hall leads to the Garden of Exile. The other hall leads to the Holocaust Void (tower).
Underground level.
Underground level.
From the underground level, the main stairway ascends to the exhibition levels of the museum. Concrete supports loom over visitors' heads as they climb the stairs.
View from main stairs, looking up.
The building's windows as seen from the interior.
Detail of windows. The "folded" shape of the building allows views of exterior walls from the inside the museum.
Detail of windows as seen from the interior.
The exhibition space of the museum is broken by six "voids" which cut through all levels of the building. The voids represent gaps in European history and culture resulting from the destruction of the Jewish community.
A museum visitor is confronted by one of the voids. A small slit window into the void is visible in this view.
Interior of a void cutting through the museum's floors.
Interior view of a void.
Top of one of the voids. Four of the voids can be entered. Two are inaccessible.
Looking out of the museum through the narrow windows.
View of the Garden of Exile from inside the museum.

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