Other Memorials, A-B

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Amsterdam: Various Memorials, I This gallery includes the Ravensbrück Memorial, the Hollandsche Schouwburg (Dutch Theatre), and a monument to those who protected Dutch Jews during the occupation years. (23 photographs)
Amsterdam: Various Memorials, II This gallery includes Nooit Meer Auschwitz by Jan Wolkers, Heleen Levano's Gypsy Monument--Memorial of War, the monument to Jewish resistance, Mari Andriessen's Dock Worker, and others. (27 photographs)
Antwerp: Deportation Monument. This memorial to the deportation of Jews is located in the Jewish quarter of Antwerp. (27 photographs)
Berlin: Bavarian Quarter Memorial, 1933-1938. Places of rememberance in the Bavarian Quarter: Marginalization, loss of rights, expulsion, deportation and murder of Berlin Jews. (65 photographs)
Berlin: Bavarian Quarter Memorial, 1939-1943. Places of rememberance in the Bavarian Quarter: Marginalization, loss of rights, expulsion, deportation and murder of Berlin Jews. (40 photographs)
Berlin: Bebelplatz. A Nazi book burning site is now commemorated by a memorial representing an empty library. (10 photographs)
Berlin: Berlin Junction. The sculpture, Berlin Junction by Richard Serra, is a memorial to those who lost their lives to the Nazi T4 "euthanasia" program. It stands on Tiergartenstrasse 4 in Berlin. (14 photographs)
Berlin: Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Memorial at Zionskirche for the pastor who was murdered in the Flossenbrück concentration camp April 9, 1945. (9 photographs)
Berlin: Grunewald Bahnhof. Two memorials to mark the deportations of Berlin's Jewish population to concentration camps. (37 photographs)
Berlin: Jewish Museum Exterior The building was designed by Daniel Libeskind and completed in 1999. (11 photographs)
Berlin: Jewish Museum Interior Libeskind's unusual structure tells a story even before the exhibits are installed in it. (15 photographs)
Berlin: Jewish Museum Garden of Exile and Emigration Forty-nine concrete columns stand at an incline, with trees planted inside. Forty-eight columns, filled with Berlin earth, stand for 1948, the year the nation of Israel was born. The 49th column, filled with earth from Jerusalem, stands for Berlin. (11 photographs)
Berlin: Käthe Kollwitz Pietá. This memorial to the victims of fascism and militarism is located in Berlin. (10 photographs, 1 object movie)
Berlin: Levetzowstraße, I. The memorial grounds at Jagowstrasse in Berlin stands at the site of the Liberal Synagogue, Levetzowstraße, one of the largest synagogues in the city. (38 photographs)
Berlin: Levetzowstraße, II. Metal tiles representing the destroyed synagogues of Berlin. (38 photographs)
Berlin: Lindenstraße Synagogue Memorial. Description. (14 photographs)
Berlin: Resistance Memorials. Two memorials to resistance groups in Berlin. (12 photographs)
Berlin: Rosenstraße, I. This group of sculptures is located in a park within the old Jewish quarter of Berlin. It commemorates the protest of women whose husbands had been arrested. (22 photographs, 1 object movie)
Berlin: Rosenstraße, II. "Block der Frauen," by the East German sculptor, Ingeborg Hunzinger. (28 photographs)
Berlin: Spiegelwand. The Die Spiegelwand ("Mirrored Wall") is a memorial to the expulsion of Jews from Berlin-Steglitz and for the former Synagogue "Haus Wofenstein" on Düppelstraße. The names of the Jewish community in Stegliz are engraved into the mirrored wall as well as their history and pictures. (22 photographs)
Berlin: Various Memorials, II. Adass Yisroel and the Jewish Culture Federation Theater in Berlin. (24 photographs)
Brussels: National Memorial. This memorial is dedicated to the memory of the Jews of Belgium. (49 photographs)
Budapest: Various Memorials. Carl Lutz and Raoul Wallenburg memorials and the Dohány Street Synagogue. (18 photographs)
Budapest: Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park. Wallenburg was a Swedish diplomat who issued thousands of "protective passes" for Hungarian Jews. (19 photographs)

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