Jewish Museum in Berlin: The Garden of Exile and Emigration

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The Garden of Exile and Emigration, in front of the south facade of the museum. Forty-nine concrete columns stand at an incline, with trees planted inside. Forty-eight columns, filled with Berlin earth, stand for 1948, the year the nation of Israel was born. The 49th column, filled with earth from Jerusalem, stands for Berlin.
The Garden of Exile and Emigration stands at the end of one path available from the underground level of the museum. It represents the experience of the emigrant who was able to flee from Nazi territory.
Emigrants often experienced an unfamiliar world. The columns rise up like skyscrapers in a strange city.
Trees grow from the tops of the columns.
Detail of column tops.
The slanted columns rise perpendicular to a slanted floor. Moving through this environment is difficult without familiar horizontal and vertical reference points.
Only the buildings in the distance are level in this topsy-turvy world.
The height of the columns makes the trees in this garden unobtainable.
View of the museum from the Garden of Exile.
The trees grow together forming a canopy over the garden.
View directly up from the garden.

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