Photos: Neuengamme Camp

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Brickworks of the SS-owned company, Deutsche Erd- and Steinwerke.
The brickworks was planned to provide building materials for "Führer buildings" along the Elbe River in Hamburg.
Brickworks. Approximately 55,000 of the 106,000 inmates at Neuengamme died, many from the rigors of hard labor.
Kiln in the brickworks.
Carts like these were used to transport clay to the factory from nearby clay pits.
Forced laborers built a branch canal connecting the camp with the Dove-Elbe River.
View of the Walther-Werke workshops for forced labor. Rifles were manufactured here for the war effort.
Walther-Werke workshop. This section has been converted into an exhibition. The other sections of the workshops are still used for prisoner labor.
Walther-Werke workshop.
Foundations of the greenhouse in the camp nursery.

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