Contemporary Camp Photographs, N-Z

The visuals in this gallery have been grouped into 19 categories. Click on the sample thumbnail photo to view all of the images in any category.
Neuengamme. Photographs of the brickworks and other forced labor workshops. (17 photographs)
Ninth Fort. Exterior views of the fort. (30 photographs)
Ninth Fort. Interior views of the fort. (30 photographs)
Ninth Fort. Museum and exhibits. (19 photographs)
Ravensbrück, III. Photographs of the industry yard, textile factory, walls, and railroad tracks. (34 photographs)
Sachsenhausen. Photographs of this camp located north of Berlin taken in the spring of 1999. (30 photographs)
San Sabba, I. Photographs of the camp entrance, courtyard, and garage. Also a map of the camp. (27 photographs)
San Sabba, II. Photographs of the death cell, other solitary cells, the "room of crosses," and the camp exterior. (32 photographs)
Terezín, I. Photographs of the outer walls at the Small Fortress. (22 photographs)
Terezín, II. Photographs of central buildings at the Small Fortress, including the "show" shaving-room designed to deceive visitors about conditions in the prison. (20 photographs)
Terezín, III. Photographs of prison cell areas including the first, third, and fourth courtyards of the Small Fortress. (26 photographs)
Terezín, IV. Photographs of the Large Fortress. (13 photographs)
Uckermark. Photographs of building foundations at the girls' camp located just north of Ravensbrück. This camp was later used as an extermination camp. (22 photographs)

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