Photos: Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum

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Sachsenhausen. Main gate reading "ARBEIT MACHT FREI" (work makes you free).
Roll call area. Wall in distance with barracks silhouette indicates former location of semi-circle of barracks.
Distant view of roll call area.
Close-up of wall showing outlines of former barracks.
Two watchtowers.
Camp wall.
Camp wall.
Camp wall.
Detail of watchtower.
Sign. "Neutral zone. Live ammunition will be shot without warning."
Monument as seen through wall indicating first ring of barracks.
Monument erected by the East German government in 1961. By displaying only red triangles, the Communist government commemorated only political prisoners since it was only political prisoners who were marked with red triangles.
Stone sculpture Liberation by René Graetz.
View of memorial.
Side view of memorial.
Foundation of prison.
The Rev. Miemöller's cell in reconstructed wing of prison building.
The locations of former barracks are marked with granite blocks. The two "Jewish barracks" in the distance were reconstructed in 1961.
Washroom within former Jewish barracks.
Latrine within former Jewish barracks.
Pathology building interior.
Pathology building interior.
Medical tools in pathology building.
Cellar of pathology building.
Cellar of pathology building.
Death march marker. "Over 6, 000 prisoners of Sachsenhausen were murdered on this march in April of 1945. Their legacy lives on in our actions."
Memorial plaque. "This marks the location of the camp gallows. Executions took place in front of the assembled prisoners of the camp."
Field of graves for the 300 prisoners who died in the camp infirmary during the weeks following liberation.
Wall memorial. "Deathblow, deadly silence of the homosexual victims of National Socialism."
Wall memorial for the dead of Sachsenhausen.

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