Photos: Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park, Budapest

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Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park, Budapest. This park commemorates Wallenberg and others who protected many of Budapest's Jews from deportation to extermination camps. The sign reads: May this park commemorate as an exclamation mark for the post-Holocaust generations the name of the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg who saved the lives of tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews. May it also remind all of the hundreds of thousands of Jewish martyrs, of the labour-camp inmates who died unknown, and of all those righteous men and women who, putting their own lives at risk, saved persecutees of certain death.
Tree of Life. This sculpture commemorates the 5,000 victims of the Holocaust buried nearby. The willow tree is a traditional symbol of mourning. It is also said to represent an overturned menorah.
Tree of Life.
Tree of Life.
Tree of Life. Stones are left here in memory of the dead.
Tree of Life. Detail of the central portion of the sculpture.
Tree of Life. Detail of arching willow branches.
Tree of Life. The black granite slab at the center of the sculpture has two holes cut through in the traditional shape of tablets. This represents the absence of the Ten Commandments as a moral code for those who perpetrated the Holocaust.
Tree of Life. Graceful metal branches of the monument.
Tree of Life. Individual leaves are engraved with the names of Holocaust victims.
Tree of Life. More names of victims engraved on metal leaves.
Rescuers memorial. Behind the Tree of Life is a monument to those who rescued Hungarian Jews.
Rescuers memorial. A black stone at the center recognizes those who rescued thousands.
Rescuers memorial. Among the names of the more prominent rescuers are Per Anger, Friedrich Born, Carl Lutz, and Raoul Wallenberg.
Rescuers memorial. Four upright red stones commemorate ordinary Hungarians who also rescued Jews.
Rescuers memorial. Tablet commemorating ordinary rescuers.
Rescuers memorial. Tablet commemorating ordinary rescuers.
Rescuers memorial. Tablet commemorating ordinary rescuers.
A wall at the back of Wallenberg Park commemorates individual victims of the Holocaust.

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