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Important Features of MathVIDS

MathVIDS incorporates several features that make it an effective program for assisting teachers. A premium has been placed on providing you a multi-sensory and interactive instructional development tool. The following list outlines some of these important features:

1. A learning community site that provides educators an organized online structrue for professional development.

2. Video clips of teachers modeling each instructional strategy provide a visual means for learning the instructional strategies. These video clips can be viewed with or without elaborative audio and text. These elaborations highlight the salient features of each strategy.

3. Detailed text descriptions of the instructional strategies are also provided, giving the user an explicit description of each strategy as well as step-by-step procedures for implementing the strategy.

4. Teaching plans that describe how the effective instructional strategies can be implemented in an integrated way to teach specific math concepts/SOL/NCTM Standard can be accessed by mathematical concept or by standard of learning.

5. Video clips of teachers modeling how to explicitly teach selected mathematical concepts in the teaching plans can be accessed directly from each teaching plan.

6. Two forms of the teaching plans can be viewed. “Brief” versions of each teaching plan can be viewed directly on the MathVIDS web page. More detailed versions of the teaching plans can be both viewed and printed.

7. Text versions of the audio elaborations for each video clip and the audio "help" feature in the Instructional Strategies site, as well as text scripts for the Teaching Plans videos, can be accessed for users who have hearing impairments.

8. Multiple access points are available so users can efficiently access the information that meets their individual needs.