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Grouping Hundreds, Tens, Ones: Concrete Level

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Phase 1

Initial Acquisition of Skill

Phase 2

Practice Strategies

Phase 3


Phase 4


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Name of Math Skill/Concept: Grouping by ones, tens and hundreds using concrete materials.

Prerequisite Skills:

  • One to one correspondence
  • Counting by ones up to one hundred
  • Understanding of one, ten, hundred

Learning Objectives:

1) Given a set of concrete objects, make groups of ten.

2) Count a set of objects by making groups of ten.

Important Ideas for Implementation:

1) Use proportional materials that can be grouped or bundled (e.g. straws, unfix cubes, popsicles sticks).

2) Use appropriate place value language (e.g. two tens, four ones).

3) Differentiate the proportional relationships between one, ten and hundred.

4) This teaching plan outlines the steps to use when teaching students how to group objects by tens.The same sequence of steps as outlined in this plan should be followed for teaching grouping by hundreds.

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