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The project was made possible by the faculty, staff, and administration of St. Lawrence Catholic School along with numerous volunteers from the parish and community.

The project features the hard work and dedication of the children of St. Lawrence and the developing expertise of the USF pre-service teachers.

Monsignor Laurence Higgins
Father Tom Morgan
Father Crispin Keating
Mrs. Maureen Hansma
Mr. David Cox
Higgins Hall Staff
Mrs. Polly Murray
Mr. Al Piotrowski
Mrs. Audrey Boston
Mrs. Betty Wilkerson
Mr. Tim Murray
Mr. Kevin Murray
Mr. Joe Molloy
Mr. Kevin Anello
Mrs. Ilene Crowther
Mrs. Elvia Garcia
Mrs. Lourdes Wicinski
Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Ida Topakian
Mrs. Lois Gokey
Current Parents
Mrs. Wendy Pappas
Ms. Deedee Gatz
Mrs. Catherine Belluccia
6th Grade Teachers
Mrs. Clytie Dowe
Mrs. Gina Gibbons
2nd Grade Teachers
Mrs. Mary Bufkin
Mrs. Maureen Cruikshank
1st Grade Teachers
Mrs. Cindy Cadle
Mrs. Liz Mondor
Kindergarten Teachers
Mrs. Anderson
Mrs. Holt
Mrs. Martinez
Early Childhood Teachers
Mrs. Kathleen Joyce
Mrs. Suzanne Roberts
Mrs. Loree Semler
Mrs. Kim Valdes
Mrs. Laura Lynn Ormsby
Mrs. Korshak
Ms. Maggie Goneau
Ms. Sarah Hutson
Mrs. Angela Lodato
Mrs. Terri Orr
Mrs. Castillo