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Cities and Towns

The stereoviews in this section have been grouped into 10 galleries. Click on a thumbnail photo to view all of the images in that gallery.

Hibernia: The trees and streets of a small Florida town. (8 stereoviews)

Jacksonville: See the area's homes, parks, streets, the shipping wharf, and famous hotels. (19 stereoviews)

Jacksonville Hotels: From the grand National Hotel to the lesser-known Tallyrand house. (18 stereoviews)

Jacksonville Streets: Views of the bustling downtown Bay Street and others. (18 stereoviews)

Magnolia: Views of the Magnolia Hotel and Magnolia Bluffs Park. (9 stereoviews)

Palatka: A small country town that was a popular vacation spot. (20 stereoviews)

Palatka, The Putnam Hotel: The place where visitors were proud to stay. (10 stereoviews)

Palm Beach: The grandeur of life on the island of Palm Beach. (13 stereoviews)

St. Petersburg: View of the famous green benches on Central Avenue. (1 stereoview)

Tallahassee: The state's capitol and other buildings as well as the local cemetery and the bustle of Washington Square. (23 stereoviews)

Tampa: Views of the Tampa Bay Hotel and the gorgeous interior of the Tampa Theatre. (24 stereoviews)



Home > Florida in 3D > Cities and Towns
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