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Florida Way of Life

The stereoviews in this section have been grouped into 10 galleries. Click on a thumbnail photo to view all of the images in that gallery.

Beaches: Florida's many miles of beautiful coastline are a tempting sight. (10 stereoviews)

Cabin Homes: The smaller, one-room homes, of Florida's farming labor community. (13 stereoviews)

Camping: Floridian's easy access to nature and the temperate climate made camping a common activity. (10 stereoviews)

City Buildings: The hotels, churches, and schoolhouses of Florida's smaller towns. (16 stereoviews)

City Life: Street scenes and small town attractions. (22 stereoviews)

Florida's Native Americans: Images of Florida's Indians in their homes and held against their will at Fort San Marco. (8 stereoviews)

Leisure: Relax at a family picnic or in a shady spot under a tree. (21 stereoviews)

Recreation: The activities people did for fun and entertainment. (20 stereoviews)

Residential Areas: See Florida homes with their white picket fences, luscious gardens, and giant shade trees. (30 stereoviews)

Rural Life: The day-to-day activities of people living in a rural community. (25 stereoviews)



Home > Florida in 3D > Florida Way of Life
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