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The stereoviews in this section have been grouped into 12 galleries. Click on a thumbnail photo to view all of the images in that gallery.

Alligators: Man against beast: photographers staged clashes between alligators and humans. (14 stereoviews)

Beaches: Views of Florida beaches from Key West to Fernandina. (10 stereoviews)

Flowers: It looks like spring, flowers blooming all around. (18 stereoviews)

Ocklawaha River: The lush landscape of trees and other plants that make a trip down the Ocklawaha an adventure for the eyes. (20 stereoviews)

Ocklawaha River II: More of the Ocklawaha's natural beauty. (20 stereoviews)

Ocklawaha River Landings: The many landings, or docks, where people could stop and tie up their boats. (21 stereoviews)

Palms: Palm tree lined roads, palm trees standing alone in a field, and palm trees by the shore. (31 stereoviews)

Plants and Wildlife: A variety of plants and animals found in the wild and in people's backyards. (25 stereoviews)

Rivers: The Arlington, Amelia, Miami, Withlacoochee, Suwannee, Matanzas, Gailla, and Indian Rivers. (24 stereoviews)

Scenic Views: Showing Florida's gorgeous natural setting including trees draped with silvery Spanish moss and a unique natural bridge over a small creek. (27 stereoviews)

St. Johns River: The inescapable beauty of nature surrounding the St. Johns River. (24 stereoviews)

Trees: Live oaks shading the front lawn, black rubber trees, cypress trees, and an olive tree. (16 stereoviews)

Water Views: Views of some of Florida's many lakes, springs, and the Everglades. (15 stereoviews)



Home > Florida in 3D > Nature's Beauty
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