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Wreck of the "Maine" in Havana Harbor. Taken in Havana Harbor from a moving launch, and shows the wreck of the "Maine" surrounded by wrecking boats and other vessels. March 17-April 1, 1898, in Havana Harbor, Cuba. (00:51, 3.0 MB)
Burial of the "Maine" victims at Key West. The U.S.S. Maine was destroyed by a mysterious explosion in the Havana Harbor, February 15, 1898. "Remember the Maine" became a rallying cry. March 27, 1898, in Key West. (01:53, 6.6 MB)
War correspondents. Shows a phase of the war excitement as it affects newpaper men at Key West, Florida. About a dozen war correspondents of the different New York papers are running up the street in a bunch to get to the cable office to get copy of cablegrams to be in turn transmitted to their different papers. March or April 1898 in Key West. (00:24, 1.5 MB)
U.S.S. "Indiana" coaling at sea. The decks are covered with marines and sailors. The view is taken from a moving yacht and gives the effect of the vessel itself passing through the water. March 28-April 1, 1898, near the Dry Tortugas. (00:49, 2.8 MB)
Roosevelt's Rough Riders at drill. A charge full of cowboy enthusiasm by Troop "I," the famous regiment, at Tampa, before its departure for the front. April 1898, Tampa. (00:27, 1.8 MB)
10th U.S. Infantry, 2nd Battalion, leaving train cars. Train is in the background. Crowds of curious bystanders. The column marches in fours and passes through the front of the picture. May 1, 1898, in Ybor City, Tampa. (01:23, 4.8 MB)
U.S. cavalry supplies unloading at Tampa. Here is a freight train of thirty cars loaded with baggage and ambulance supplies for the 9th U.S. Cavalry. In the foreground a score of troopers are pulling, lifting and hauling an ambulance from a flat car. May 1, 1898, in Tampa. (00:33, 1.9 MB)
African-American troops disembarking at Port Tampa, The steamer "Mascotte" has reached her dock at Port Tampa, and the 2d Battalion of Colored Infantry is going ashore. Tide is very high, and the gang plank is extra steep. May 1-3, 1898, in Tampa. (00:49, 3.0 MB)
Transport "Whitney" leaving dock. This boat was the first one to leave for the South with troops. On board is a battalion of the 5th U.S. Infantry. She is a sidewheeler, and the churn of her wide paddles makes the white foam seethe and boil as she backs out of the dock. May 7, 1898, in Tampa. (00:33, 2.0 MB)
Military camp at Tampa, taken from train. A wide plain, dotted with tents, gleaming white in the bright sunshine. Soldiers moving about everywhere, at all sorts of duties. In the background looms up a big cigar factory. May 1-13, 1898, in Tampa. (00:30, 1.7 MB)
9th Infantry boys' morning wash. Imagine forty or fifty soldier boys each with a pail of water on the ground before him, sousing and spattering and scrubbing away for dear life. Soap and towels too. May 1898 in Tampa. (00:29, 1.9 MB)
Soldiers washing dishes in Tampa in May or June 1898. (00:35, 2.1 MB)
Blanket-tossing a new recruit. Company F, 1st Ohio Volunteers, initiating a new man. Nineteen times he bounces in the blanket. May or June 1898 in Tampa. (00:37, 2.2 MB)
Trained cavalry horses. Shows the wonderful intelligence of these Troop F, 6th U.S. Cavalry, horses. At a command they lie down promptly, and at another order scramble to their feet. May or June 1898 in Tampa. (00:36, 2.2 MB)
Roosevelt's Rough Riders embarking for Santiago, Cuba from Tampa during the Spanish-American War. June 8, 1898, in Tampa. (00:35, 2.1 MB)
Cuban volunteers embarking during Spanish-American War. June 8, 1898, in Tampa. (00:30, 1.8 MB)



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