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Charming Florida

Words by Robert Payne
Music by Nella Wells Durand
Copyright 1922


Also available for download as an MP3 file.



Hurrah, Hurrah for Florida with her mild congenial clime,
Where the balmy air is sighing, and all nature is sublime,
Where the mocking birds are singing 'mid the flower's sweet perfume
And the orange blossoms vieing with the roses in their bloom.

Pure health inspiring air is wafted on the gulf and ocean breeze,
Our rivers and harbors welcome great ships from o'er the seas
The bubbling springs are sparkling as clear as crystal plate
And placid lake's elusive trout play hookey with the bait.

'Neath the sweet magnolia blossoms we enjoy the fragrant air,
And admire those gorgeous rainbows which nature doth prepare
With the radiant sunbeams s'renely glowing at their ease
And the little raindrops trinkling on the golden orange trees.

You may sing of all the other states and laud them all you please,
But nature's sweetest music's up among our tall pine trees
Portrays to all their fairy land then shout aloud, Hurray
And merrily sing the chorus of charming Florida.

Oh the sweetest of all the girls where ever they may be
Are here in charming Florida,
Like oranges on the tree,
Our manly sons, in time of peace,
Were heroes when away
They dearly love their Home Sweet Home
In charming Florida.


This rendition is based on the original sheet music. The original music is located in the Special Collections of the University of South Florida Main Library, Tampa Campus. The first half of the song is the same as the written music. After the verse and chorus have been played in their original form, a diminished arpeggio announces the coming change of pace. Then there is the sound of a bluegrass band with a double time feel and even a banjo.

Credit: QuickTime audio file arranged and performed by Jeff Donovick for the Florida Center for Instructional Technology. Cover scan courtesy of the USF Libraries Digitization Center.


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