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Virtual Reality Movies: Environment

Each panorama movie is available in two file sizes. The small movies display at the same size on your computer screen as the large movies, but the small movies do not allow you to zoom in on as much detail as the large movies do. Most of the color movies are a full circle (360 degrees). The black and white VRs are approximately 180 degree views.

Big Cypress Swamp

480 K 2.6 MB

Home to several hundred species such as the endangered Florida panther, this vast, shallow wetland basin is not, in fact, a true swamp.

Big Cypress Trail

324 K 1.2 MB

One-third of the swamp is covered by cypress trees growing in belts and long narrow forests called "strands".

Big Cypress Swamp

168 K 740 K

The swamp functions as a wet season water storage area for the greater Everglades system and as a buffer zone for the Everglades National Park.

Desoto Memorial

516 K 1.3 MB

This is a view from the shores of the Desoto Memorial in Bradenton, Florida.

Estero River

492 K 920 K

A view of the Estero river near the Koreshan State Historic Site.


212 K 2 MB

Covering 1.4 million acres the Everglades National Park still makes up only one-fifth of the entire Everglades area.


216 K 1.4 MB

A view of a canal in the everglades. These canals wind endlessly through the everglades with the depths rarely exceeding 3 ft.

Lake Wobegone

528 K 1.3 MB

A view of lake Wobegone in southern Florida near Ortona.

John Pennekamp Trail

680 K 2.6 MB

The Wild Tamarind Trail at the John Pennekamp State Park.

Lovers Key

284 K 1 MB

Lovers Key State Recreation Area is made up of four islands: Lovers Key, Inner Key, Long Key, and Black Island.

Orange Groves near Haines City, 1919

173 K 680 K

A view of Haines City, "The Land of Lakes and Citrus Groves," circa 1919.

Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park

240 K 1.5 MB

This panorama was shot from an observation tower on the edge of Paynes Prairie, a large basin south of Gainesville.

Santa Rosa Island Nature Trail

504 K 688 K

The Dune National Trail on Santa Rosa Island winds through a beautiful area southeast of Fort Pickens.

Sawgrass Lake

696 K 860 K

A view of Sawgrass Lake located in Northeastern St. Petersburg, Florida.

Suwannee River

300 K 844 K

This beautiful stretch of the Suwannee River is located in the Suwannee River State Park.

Weedon Island

360 K 2.1 MB

Weedon Island Preserve in Riviera Bay, Tampa Bay, Florida.

Weedon Island

568 K 1 MB

The nature trail has been designed consistent with ADA guidelines to ensure accessibility throughout the entire 9,000-foot trail system.

Weedon Island

340 K 1.8 MB

Weedon Island Preserve is a 1,046 acre Pinellas park that is home to many different species of wildlife and plants. The park has been established towards preservation and education and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Weedon Island Tower

264 K 980 K

A view from the 50-foot high observation tower. The tower provides a panoramic view of the entire Weedon Island Preserve, Riviera Bay, Tampa Bay, as well as surrounding communities.


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