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Virtual Reality Movies: Tampa

Each panorama movie is available in two file sizes. The small movies display at the same size on your computer screen as the large movies, but the small movies do not allow you to zoom in on as much detail as the large movies do. All movies are approximately 180 degree views.

Tampa, 1909

132 K 812 K

View of downtown Tampa, Hyde Park, Hillsborough Bay, the Hillsborough River, and other landmarks.

Tampa, 1909

104 K 832 K

A view of ships docked along the mouth of the Hillsborough river.

Tampa, 1913

248 K 1.3 MB

A view of Tampa from the top of the Mugge Building, circa 1913.

Tampa, 1913

272 K 788 K

A view of downtown Tampa, circa 1913.

Tampa, 1913

208 K 892 K

View of the Hillsborough river, Lafayette street bridge, and a building under construction.

Plant Park, Tampa, 1914

136 K 548 K

View of the Hillsborough river, Plant Park, and the new Lafayette street bridge.

Tampa, 1914

216 K 756 K

Bird's eye view of 1914 Tampa showing the river, the bayshore, and Hyde Park.

Tampa, 1916

220 K 788 K

1916 view of downtown Tampa from the Citizen's Bank Building.

Tampa, 1921

140 K 472 K

1921 view of Tampa from the top of City Hall.


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