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Many of the following Web sites will be of interest to Florida educators. Please be aware that links may change at any time, and that neither the Florida Center for Instructional Technology nor the Florida Department of Education is responsible for the content of external Web sites.

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Books & Magazine Articles

Camplife in Florida

Charles Hallock's handbook for sportsmen and settlers published in 1876.

Florida: Its Scenery, Climate, and History

An 1876 hand-book by Sidney Lanier about various cities in Florida, including information on specific consumptives in these areas.


Florida Rails Online Museum

"This collection is dedicated to the passenger trains to, from and within Florida and the railroads that operate them. Including photos and artwork, timetables, consists, history and more as time and resources permit!"

Ocklawaha Valley Railroad

A history of one of the most interesting railroads in Florida History.

History of the Florida East Coast Railroad

A short history of the Florida East Coast Railway and its expansion to Key West.

Overseas Railroad--Florida East Coast Railway Key West Extension

An informative site about the "Overseas Railroad" to Key West. Contents include The Men and the Dream, Construction, First Train to Key West, Overseas Railroad Views, 1935 Hurricane, Bridges Today, and About the Overseas Railroad. This is a good resource for individuals or classes interested in this aspect of Florida's transportation history.


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