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Many of the following Web sites will be of interest to Florida educators. Please be aware that links may change at any time, and that neither the Florida Center for Instructional Technology nor the Florida Department of Education is responsible for the content of external Web sites.

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Aucilla River Times

Provides information on underwater archaeological techniques, removing iron from artifacts and fossils, coring, and ground penetrating radar on the Aucilla River.

Florida Archaeology

Provides archaeology and anthropology reports as well as information about Florida and the southeast U.S.

Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research

Offers the Florida Archaeology Index, books, maps, pictures of underwater studies, and anthropology links.

Heritage of the Ancient Ones

"Heritage of the Ancient Ones (HOTAO) is a multicultural, nonprofit organization, offering educational and environmental awareness programs. We are dedicated to preserving the history, culture and traditions of Florida's original native peoples, while promoting respect for Mother Earth. By recreating the world of Florida's First People, we honor the Ancient Ones who once cared for this land."

Military Artifacts of Spanish Florida, 1650-1821 - An Internet Museum

"This site is dedicated to the exhibition and interpretation of Spanish colonial military artifacts from that vast region of southeastern North America which once comprised the Spanish Floridas and, to a lesser extent, Spanish Louisiana. While other materials are included in the illustrative displays, the interpretive emphasis of this site has been placed upon uniform-related artifacts: the buttons, strap and accoutrement buckles, and military insignia worn by Spain's regular, provincial, and urban militia forces in the study region. The period of interpretation is from ca. 1650„when the military establishments of Spain and the rest of Europe began to adopt standardized military uniform patterns-to the conclusion of Spain's colonial tenure in North America in 1821."

Florida Facts

Provides generalized information including Florida history.

Underwater Archaeology at The Florida State University

Contains a review of The Florida State University's underwater archaeological program.


Archaeology of Colonial Pensacola

"Beneath the modern city of Pensacola and its surrounding waters, the colonial past is abundantly preserved. This is the first book to examine those archaeological riches." - From Site Text

Reading for Florida History Lovers

An annotated catalog of books published by the University Press of Florida on Florida History topics. Categories include essential reading, people, conflicts, communities, the environment, and arts and artifacts.

Children and Young Adults

Fl-Ag.Com: Kid's Page

A kid-oriented page about Florida's agriculture, including sections on Florida Agriculture in the Classroom, Florida Forests Forever, Tips on Hurricanes, and so forth.

Florida Citrus Land

Interested in learning how orange juice is made?

Florida History Fair

"Florida History Fair is sponsored by the Museum of Florida History and is affiliated with the National History Day organization. History Day was conceived with the idea of promoting history in the classroom by offering students the means and the encouragement to do original research. Its goals are to enable students to gain a greater knowledge and appreciation of the recorded past, become experienced and confident as historical researchers, and be exposed to opportunities to compete for honors, prizes, and scholarships."

Florida Kids

Offers a listing of museums, information on Florida folk life, archaeology, and Florida history. Kids can also view old photographs and learn about the state symbols, shipwrecks off the coast, and other subjects.

Florida Photo Album, The

A collection of historic photographs from daguerreotype to digital.

Trivia and Games: Florida CivicEd

"Discover famous Floridians, test your memory skills, go on a scavenger hunt, and take on our civic challenge quiz."

Online Sunshine for Kids

Learn about the state symbols, take an online tour of the capitol, learn about the capitol's history, and play games.


Absolutely Florida - East Central Florida

Offers links to informative sites about towns, cities, and communities on Florida's east coast.

A History of St. Augustine

Explores St. Augustine's history from 1500 to the present.

Apalachicola Bay Area

An informative site on Apalachicola, its surrounding areas, and points of interest.

Florida Cities

A list of Florida cities, towns, and villages.

Florida Places

A site that will eventually include a detailed listing of Florida cities and counties with their name origins. Other reference guide resources will also be included.


A complete history of Hawthorne, a city located in rural southeastern Alachua County.

Illustrated Guide to Florida West Coast

Provides an index of links to pages with information on many cities, towns and communities on Florida's West Coast.


A brief history of Jacksonville.

Miami Beach: A History of Boom to Bust to Boom

Focuses on the destruction and preservation of architectural heritage in the City of Miami.

Pensacola Beach History

Offers historical information on the Pensacola area from 1559 to present. Sub pages include the Spanish Period, Colonial Period, Ante Bellum, The Civil War and After, The Modern Period, and General Historical Resources.

Port of Pensacola

Includes port history as well as links to many other important Florida ports. A very good site for the study of modern maritime activity.

Sebring Florida History

"Known as 'The City on the Circle,' Sebring, Florida extends the same warm welcome it has since it was founded in 1911 by George Sebring."

St. Augustine

A guide to history, vacationing and relocating in St. Augustine, America's oldest city.

The City of Green Cove Springs, Florida

A well constructed site for one of Florida's small towns. It contains information on community culture, history, and local events. Also included are several virtual tours with photos of the town's historic buildings.

The Founding of St. Augustine from a Modern History Sourcebook

A very interesting site containing the 1565 journal entries of Chaplain Francisco Lopez de Mendoza Grajales. This textual account gives a detailed, first-hand account of the everyday life on the ships that brought the settlers from Europe to St. Augustine.


Contains a moderate text description of the history of the city. It includes some interesting facts about how the city received its name and some important people who helped shape the city.

Ybor City - A City With A Past

"The National Historic Landmark District, one of three in the state of Florida, and once the "Cigar Capital of the World", beckons you back to another era. Today, Ybor City is a shopping, dining and entertainment district where the ancient art of premium hand-rolled cigar making lives on."


A Quick History of Collier County

This site gives a brief history of Southwest Florida. It is part of the Collier Museum's home page.

About Tampa Bay - Manatee County History

The Manatee County History page of the "About Tampa Bay" Web site is a brief overview of the counties historical highlights. It begins with de Soto's arrival in 1539 and continues to discuss the significance of Port Manatee as well as the counties growth.

Absolutely Florida: Chambers of Commerce - East Central Florida

An index of links organized by cities and points of interest in Florida.

Alachua County
Baker County
Bay County
Bradford County
Brevard County
Broward County
Calhoun County
Charlotte County
Citrus County
Clay County
Collier County
Columbia County
Dade County
Desoto County
Dixie County
Duval County
Escambia County

Franklin County
Gadsden County
Gilchrist County
Gulf County
Glades County
Hamilton County
Hardee County
Hendry County
Hillsborough County
Hernando County
Highlands County
Holmes County
Indian River County
Jackson County
Jefferson County
Lafayette County

Lake County
Lee County
Leon County
Levy County
Liberty County
Madison County
Manatee County
Marion County
Martin County
Monroe County
Nassau County
Okaloosa County
Okeechobee County
Orange County
Osceola County
Palm Beach County

Pinellas County
Polk County
Putnam County
St. Johns County
St. Lucie County
Santa Rosa County
Sarasota County
Seminole County
Sumter County
Suwannee County
Taylor County
Union County
Volusia County
Wakulla County
Walton County
Washington County

Florida Association of Counties

"It is the mission of the Florida Association of Counties to preserve democratic principles by working to keep appropriate authority at the level of government closest to the people and to increase the capacity of Florida counties to effectively serve the citizens of the state through legislative action, education of public officials, and enhancement of public awareness about the role and functions of county government."

Jefferson County - History and Culture

"A Brief History" by Eleanor B. Hawkins, former clerk of the circuit court. Includes information on the Aucilla River Prehistory Project, Monticello Opera House, the Genealogical Society, Fred Mahan Drive, Lloyd Railroad Station, and other points of interest.

History of Western Pasco County

Provides a timeline, pictures, articles, and origins of place names.


Florida Folk Life Programs

The Florida Folk Life Program site documents and presents the folk life, folklore and folk arts of the state. Included are links to folk life research, heritage awards, the apprenticeship program, statewide outreach initiative, rural folk life days, the Florida folk festival, the Florida Heritage Education Program, and various folk life collections.

Florida History & The Arts

An online magazine about Florida's historical cities and cultural heritage.

Myths and Dreams: Exploring the Cultural Legacies of Florida and the Caribbean

This Caribbean culture site features educational resources with links and classroom activities. Also includes a timeline, essays and profiles.


Florida Yellow Pages Directory

Search by company name, products, or browse through area codes to find business listings.


Florida Panther Net - Official Education Site

"Welcome to Florida Panther Net where you can learn about our state animal, the elusive endangered Florida panther. At your fingertips is a rich store of knowledge about the panther, its habitat and the fascinating plants and animals that share its southwest Florida home. Panther Net is a project of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Advisory Council on Environmental Education. Panther Net is brought to you through proceeds from the Florida panther license plate."

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Agriculture, Conservation and Natural History: 1500-2000

One of the best resources available for the study of natural history in Florida. The site contains links to other pages by subtopics such as timelines, databases and publications.

University of Florida Smathers Libraries: Florida Agricultural History

Provides an introduction to the history of Florida agriculture and rural life as well as historical bibliographies and resources.


Florida Genealogy Project

Geared towards those who are interested in surnames and genealogy-related archives, libraries, organizations, societies, and projects.

Historical Resources

Apex: Florida History & Antiquities Index

Get a glimpse of Florida's past through pictures or browse through the book list about Florida history.

Bob Leonard's Florida History Best Web Sites

Bob Leonard's site is an annotated menu page of sites he feels are the best of Florida's Web Sites. The list includes links to a wide variety of subjects of historical and cultural interest.

Electronic Library - Florida History

Contains links to Web pages about Ponce de Leon, St. Augustine, Seminole Indians, Cape Canaveral, and Sunbelt. Excellent, easy to understand resource for students.

Facts and History

A menu page created by the Florida Department of State that contains links to a variety of pages on Florida history and culture. This is a very good resource for "Quick Facts" about Florida such as state symbols, city and county names, and state demographic and geographic information.

Florida Department of State - Historical Resources

One of the most comprehensive Florida history sites available on the World Wide Web. Includes information on archaeological research, historic preservation, the Museum of Florida History, Florida folk life, and so forth. It even contains an educational section for kids.

Florida Facts and History

A simple list of demographic and geological facts about Florida. An excellent "quick-reference site."

Florida's Historical Markers Program

"Choose a county from the drop down menu or click on the map of Florida to view the location and information on historical markers in Florida."

Florida's Historic Places

Contains pictures of National Historic Register Sites throughout Florida.

Florida History Index Page

Florida History Index provides information on the historic sites and cities of Florida as well as lighthouses, historical societies, the Florida History Fair, and the Florida Historical Contexts.

Florida History Internet Master Page

Florida History Internet Center enables users take an interactive, photographic tour of Florida's long history. Brief biographies, town histories, and other Web sites are linked along the way. For students who have questions about Florida, they can submit a question to Ask the Professor and receive an answer back.

Florida History Internet Project Home Page (Tampa, Florida)

Florida History Internet Project contains an interactive history of Florida, travel guides to Florida's historic sites, a free photographic archive, and dozens of feature articles on Floridians.

Florida Historical Society

The Florida Historical Society's site has a wide array of historical resources. It includes information on the purchase of the society's publications, genealogy links, research requests, and society meetings. Of particular interest is "Florida Agora and Today in Florida History." This page contains a list of interesting historical events that occurred on this day in the past.

Florida History Timeline

Provides detailed historical information about the state beginning with the year 1497 and ending in 1915.

Historical Markers in Florida

A catalog produced by the University of South Florida of the state's historical markers. The menu is divided by region with photographs of each marker.

Historic Spanish Point

"Gulf Coast Heritage Association connects people of today with 5,000 years of human history in southwest coastal Florida by collecting, preserving, and interpreting objects and traditions significant to our region's past."


Provides up-to-date headlines for the state, tourist information, weather conditions, and links to the various governmental agencies in the state. You can also read about our governor and send him an e-mail.

NFN's History Theme Page

This site contains extensive links to historical and cultural information on the city of Naples and Collier County. Included are links to facts about Marco Island, Swamp buggy history, and other common and uncommon sites on American and World history.

Oldest House, The

Find out information about the Gonzalez-Alvarez house in St. Augustine, Florida.

People and Programs

Includes a list of the personnel that hold positions at the Florida Division of Historical Resources. Includes their name, position, e-mail address, office phone numbers, and duties.

Short History of Florida

A glimpse into the state's history from the Stone Age to the Space Age. In addition, a bibliography of Florida history is provided, as well as some interesting facts every Floridian should know.

Historical Places in Florida

Web site for the National Register of Historical Places in Florida.

Welcome to Digital Florida

This is the menu page for Digital Florida - a photographic archive developed by the University of Central Florida. Photographs are cataloged into useful submenus and include a broad range of topics


Florida Keys Virtual Traveler

An informative site on the history, environment, cultural and commercial aspects of the Florida Keys.

Cubans in Key West Before 1880

Provides a list of names of Cubans who immigrated to the islands prior to 1880.

History of Key Biscayne, Florida

An interesting Web site for Key Biscayne with information on the island's history and demographics.

Official Tourism Council Web Site

General information about the Florida Keys.

SOFIA Virtual Tour

A very comprehensive, interactive site about the Keys and other important areas of Florida.

Lesson Plans

Florida Heritage Education Program

This is the order form for the purchase of the Florida Heritage Education Program. The program contains class lessons plans on a wide variety of subject of interest for the study of Florida history and social studies classroom. Prices depend on quantity and content.


Florida State University Library - Special Collections

"The Special Collections Department of the Florida State University Libraries maintains non-circulating collections of unique and valuable materials, housed in Strozier Library separately from the general collection and in the Claude Pepper Library in the Claude Pepper Center also on the main campus. Among the collections are the Florida collection, publications and photographs of The Florida State University, historical manuscripts, the John Mackay Shaw Childhood in Poetry collection, the Napoleon and the French Revolution collection, and additional rare printed and manuscript materials."

P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History

The Yonge Library's guiding mission is to preserve Florida's heritage and to encourage and assist in the writing of Florida history. Besides housing more than 25,000 published works on Florida, the library is especially strong in research materials on Florida's Spanish and British colonial periods, the Second Seminole War, and the political and environmental history of the state.

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Agriculture, Conservation and Natural History: 1500-2000

One of the best resources available for the study of natural history in Florida. The site contains links to other pages by subtopics such as timelines, databases and publications.

University of Florida Smathers Libraries: Florida Agricultural History

One of the few sites to address the state's agricultural history.

University of South Florida - Florida Special Collection

An enormous resource site about every aspect of the state. The menu page links to collections of biography, city directories, census records, folklore, genealogy, sheet music, maps, newspapers, and photos. Also includes historical information on Governors, Senators, Representatives as well as links to other state libraries.


Amelia Island Light

Information and history about this nineteenth-century lighthouse.

Florida Light

Includes pictures and descriptions of various lighthouses.

Florida Lighthouse Page

An extensive menu page to all of Florida's lighthouses. Links contain photos, historical information, and lists of keepers.


Bob Hampton's Florida Shipwrecks

The personal site of an amateur scuba diver's journeys to several shipwrecks off the Florida coast. Includes pictures and information about The Empire Mica, The Orion Tugboat, The Arida, The Jay Scutti Tugboat, The Owens, and The Rolls Royce.

Florida Maritime Heritage Trail

This is an excellent educational and public interest site containing brief historical information on broad Florida Maritime topics of communities, environments, forts, lighthouses, ports, and shipwrecks. Each page contains links to a large number of specific examples with additional historical information on each.

Historical Research & Development, Inc.

A commercial site containing Florida and Spanish History, shipwreck artifacts for sale, gold and silver bullion. Includes Mel Fisher's Atocha, maps, books, and newsletters. Excellent commentary on the slave ship Henrietta Marie and the 1715 disaster story can also be found.

History of USS Florida

Contains brief histories on all six United States Naval Vessels to carry the name USS Florida including dates, photos, and significant events.

Pensacola Maritime History and Information Site

A superb site by the Pensacola Maritime Preservation Society that is a must see for anyone interested in the maritime history of Pensacola or Florida maritime history in general. Information is presented in textual, audio and visual format.

A Positive Light - Freedom Shackled

Contains commentary on the African Slave Trade as well as links to other sites on slavery, slave ships, human rights, and related books.


Bob Leonard's Best Museums and Historic Sites in Florida

Content is organized into what Leonard believes to be the best in museums for Archaeology, Sports, Arts, Forts, Racial/Ethnic Museums, and Naval Museums. The site also contains information on gardens, historic villages, Victorian hotels, famous houses, and Internet sites on aviation and the unusual and weird.

Florida Association of Museums

A database of non-profit museums located in Florida.

Florida International Museum

The Florida International Museum is centered in the cultural heart of Tampa Bay-Downtown St. Petersburg. This museum has featured exhibits such as "The Cuban Missile Crisis" and "Norman Rockwell's Family Life Series."

Florida Museum of Natural History

"Welcome to the Florida Museum of Natural History, chartered by the Florida Legislature in 1917 as the state's official natural history museum. With more than 25 million specimens of amphibians, birds, butterflies, fish, mammals, mollusks, reptiles, vertebrate and invertebrate fossils, recent and fossil plants and associated databases and libraries, the Florida Museum is the largest natural history museum in the Southeast."

Halifax Historical Museum

Provides information about significant people that played a role in the history of Daytona Beach.

Henry B. Plant Museum

"In the heart of downtown Tampa, discover a museum which transports you to turn-of-the-century Florida. The Henry B. Plant Museum is housed in the 1891 Tampa Bay Hotel and is now a National Historic Landmark. It was built by Henry Bradley Plant, the transportation magnate instrumental in the development of Florida and the City of Tampa."

Historical Museum of Southern Florida

The Historical Museum of Southern Florida explores 10,000 Years of History and folk life in Greater Miami, South Florida and the Caribbean. The site is easy to navigate and has a wide array of historical and cultural information.

Miami Museum of Science

Visit this museum that makes science fun and explore their online site to find out about their exhibits and planetarium.

Museum of Florida History

"Opened in 1977, the Museum of Florida History collects, preserves, exhibits, and interprets evidence of past and present cultures in Florida, and promotes knowledge and appreciation of this heritage. As the state history museum, it focuses on artifacts and eras unique to Florida's development and on roles that Floridians have played in national and global events. Through exhibits, educational programs, research, and collections, the Museum reflects the ways that people have shaped and reacted to their cultural and natural environments."

Ringling Museum of Art

"The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art was created in 1927 by John Ringling for the people of Florida. Having made a fortune through real estate transactions, railroads, and the well-known circus that he shared with his brothers, John Ringling amassed an art collection of over 600 paintings, sculptures, and various decorative arts including more than 25 tapestries." Learn about this Sarasota-based museum and its surrounding buildings or just learn about the Ringling brothers in general.

Salvador Dali Museum, The

"The Salvador Dali Museum is currently in the process of developing a dynamic web site. It is the museum's mission to protect and preserve this unique collection, making it available for the enjoyment and education of all people, and to enhance the public appreciation of Dali, one of the most significant artists of the twentieth century."

South Florida Veteran's Museum

A project to honor veterans and the military history of the United States.

St. Lucie County Historical Museum

Experience St. Lucie County's history by reading information about the museum's exhibits and programs. Also includes local history links and other related resources.

St. Petersburg Museum of History

Browse through the museum's archives, view their calendar of events, or explore their online exhibits.

Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science

The Tallahassee Museum is as much of a cultural center as a museum. The site contains information on exhibits, community classes and animal information. The museum also hosts other cultural performances such as Jazz and Blues Festivals.

Tampa Bay History Center

"The Tampa Bay History Center is a non-profit educational institution currently operating a history and heritage museum and research library in downtown Tampa, Florida. Through quality exhibits, programs and research, the History Center seeks to preserve and teach the remarkable history of the Tampa Bay area."

Welcome to the South Florida Railway Museum Home Page

"The South Florida Railway Museum's goal is to preserve the history of railroads in southern Florida, and educate the public about the importance of railroads in the region past and present."

Whitehall Flagler Museum

Learn about Henry Flagler, a significant figure in developing some of Florida's railroads and early luxurious hotels.

National Parks

Biscayne National Park

The official site of the National Park Service. Includes a printable travel guide, news and events, pictures, an activity calendar, and much more.

Canaveral National Seashore

Experience the beauty of this national park through a virtual tour. Includes information on the sea life and its surrounding environment.

Dry Tortugas National Park

Includes a calendar, camping guide, hiking guide, map, park details, and so forth.

Everglades Florida Guide

Explores the Everglades past and present and offers several other informative resources about the park.

Lake Okeechobee - Florida Everglades

A site by the National Wildlife Federation that allows visitors to learn about the Everglades' natural environment and how to help conserve it.

Oral History

Florida Oral History Association Homepage

Contains a mission statement, related links, announcements and news, and other information.


Digital Florida

A digital photo gallery containing various Florida images ranging from state symbols to historic places.

Florida Photo Album, The

A collection of historic photographs from daguerreotype to digital.

Yahoo! Picture Gallery

A professional gallery of contemporary pictures provided by Corbis.

State Symbols


Contains photographs of the symbols and a short description about their relevance to the state.

Symbols of Florida

Includes images of the state's symbols such as the Florida Panther, Mockingbird, Moonstone, Orange Blossom, the Sabel Palm, and others.

Tourist Attractions

Anheuser Busch Theme Parks

Includes Adventure Island, Busch Gardens, Discovery Cove, and Sea World.

Florida Aquarium

Allows visitors to buy tickets and find out about the aquarium's location and hours of operation.


This site is conveniently categorized by North, Central, and South Florida and enables visitors to locate tourist attractions in each area.

KSC Home Page

The official site for the Kennedy Space Center. Receive a space report, shuttle information, launch dates, and view online video coverage.

Univeral Studios Themeparks

Play games, participate in message boards, find out about the park's times and princes, or buy tickets online.

Walt Disney World

Enables visitors to plan and book vacations and explore the Walt Disney World resort online.


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