A.Proficiency Analysis - Manually
B.Proficiency Analysis - Online



Part 1: Conduct a Proficiency Analysis

Locate the scores for FCAT (or a similar test) at your school.  If possible, use data directly connected to your class.  Follow the steps outlined in the previous section to conduct a proficiency analysis. Use data from one of the following two sets:

  1. Data from one grade level and multiple subject areas at your school -- for example 8th grade Reading, Mathematics, and Social Studies.
  2. Data from multiple grade levels and one subject area -- for example 4th, 8th, and 10th grade Mathematics in your district.

Complete the analysis, and create at least one graph.  Send your results to your instructor.

Part 2: Use Online Proficiency Tools

  1. Access School Data Direct at http://www.schooldatadirect.org/ and locate your school.
  2. Click on State Information (currently located in the lower left portion of the main page)..
  3. Select your state and review the graphs.
  4. Print the page with your state's information.
  5. Locate the information specific to your school (do a School search).
  6. Answer the following questions:
  • Is the Reading Proficiency increasing or decreasing in your state?
  • Is the Math Proficiency increasing or decreasing in your state?
  • How does your state compare with the national proficiencies?
  • How does the percentage of economically disadvantaged in your state compare to the nation?
  • How does your school compare to the state in Reading Proficiency?
  • How does your school compare to the state in Math Proficiency


Send your answers to to your instructor.  Include a brief analysis of the data and suggestions for "next steps."



Activity Not Included Included
1. Proficiency Analysis
2. Online Proficiency Tools