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Summarize the information the author provides about the nesting of skimmers. Support your answer with details and information from the article.

Score of 4- This response shows a thorough understanding of the task. It provides excellent support from the article.

Skimmers are birds that lay their eggs on the beaches and parking lots of Florida. This type of bird is on the state's species of special concern list because their population is low and slowly declining. This is because they nest in the habitat that humans enjoy, from the Gulf beaches to the backyard of NASA. The eggs they lay on the ground must be protected from the grueling 90 degree heat of the Florida sun. The reproductive season of skimmers runs from late April to the end of August. During this time period, females lay 1-5 eggs and incubate them for about 3 weeks. Adults must guard the nests until after the young ones learn to fly.

Score of 3- This response fulfills the requirements of the task, but the support is not as complete as a "4" paper. Additional details from the article would improve this response.

Skimmers nest everywhere from the Gulf beaches to NASA. The skimmer's eggs are three inches long and they are speckled. Sometimes they lay their eggs in parking lots because it fits their nesting criteria. This is a place that is flat, sandy, and plantless, with lots of gravel and water. Of course this affects the survival of the skimmers' eggs because of human factors. They need protection from tourists who might not see them and could easily destroy them.

Score of 2- This response shows a complete understanding of the task. It is accurate and includes sufficient support from the article.

Skimmers are usually seen during their mating season in the months from April to August. At that time skimmers are found from the Gulf beaches to NASA. Since skimmers need a flat place with sand and a little water for their nests, they can end up in parking lots.

Score of 1- This response shows a very limited understanding. It needs many more details from the article that clearly fulfill the requirements of the task.

Skimmers are hard to protect because they nest in the same type of habitat people like, such as beaches and parking lots.

Score of 0- This response does not answer the question. It is a summary of the purpose of the article rather than a summary of information about the nesting of skimmers.

Basically the article is telling you to be aware of the fact that skimmer numbers are declining rapidly and we should do something before they become a threatened or endangered species.

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