Problem-Solution Frame

This strategy effectively teaches students how to identify problem – solution text structure, and how to summarize this type of passage. The ability to summarize a passage is an important skill that is tested on the FCAT.

Problem-Solution Frame
  1. Introduce the problem-solution frame.
  2. Have the students complete the frame using a passage they have already read.
    • Problem - could be something terrible, or a situation that someone wants changed
    • Action - what is being done to solve the problem
    • Results - what is the result of the action in trying to solve the problem
  3. Summarize the passage by referring to the problem-solution frame and using the guidelines below.
    • Sentence 1 – Who had the problem and what is the problem?
    • Sentence 2 – What action was taken to solve the problem?
    • Sentence 3 – What happened as a result of the action?


Armbruster, B., Anderson, T., & Ostertag, J. "Does text structure/summarization instruction facilitate learning from expository text?" Reading Research Quarterly. 1987: 23, pp.331-346.

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