Program Credits

Original web site produced in 1999 by The Florida Center for Instructional Technology College of Education, University of South Florida & The Pinellas County School District

Sponsored by The Florida Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology and Student Assessment Services

Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida

Project Managers

Susan Varnadoe, Dr. Ann Barron

Project Coordinator/Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Valerie Wright


Susan Gluckman

Graphic Artist

Jill Pable

Instructional Designers

Irene Canton, Kevin Lehde, Robert Reynolds, Alexis Canton, Winifer Mackinnon, Theodora Salmons, Alexandre Drelles, Tina Majchrzak, Duncan Thigpen, Lynn Grinnell, Michelle Metzker, Darran Town, Dr. Joanna Harmes, Wendy Nelson, Fanyin Wang, Kimberly Kalaydjian, Terrell Pace, Cristina Yanez Naso, Dr. Katherine Kemker, Carolyn Reyes

Technical Consultants

Nick Lilavois, Dr. Chet Lyskawa, Michael Sweeney, Dr. Roy Winkelman

2005 Web Site Update

Ralph Bishop, Graphic Artist

Dave Gilbert, Project Manager

Susan Holtzworth, Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Chet Lyskawa, Programmer

Jason Perry, Programmer

Dr. Roy Winkelman, Programmer

Pinellas County School District

Language Arts Supervisor

Pat Nelms

Language Arts Trainers

Cathy Beck, Diane Gramigna, Eyvonne Ryan, Joan Schottler

Florida Department of Education

Office of Educational Technology

Dr. Peter Lenkway

Student Assessment Services

Mark Heidorn, Peggy Stillwell