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This strategy helps students to read and learn from content area texts. The students are taught several techniques to use in preparation for reading a text independently through teacher demonstrations and modeling. The goal is to have students approach textbook reading strategically and independently. The teacher will draw attention to the following features:
  1. Title. This can be used to predict what the assigned text will be about, as well as to activate the students’ prior knowledge.

  2. Introductions and Summaries. Point out that introductions and summaries are two places where lots of important information can be found.

  3. Bold Print Headings. Direct students’ attention to headings and subheadings found in the chapter. Have students speculate what information may be found under these headings, as well as anticipate what questions may be answered there.

  4. Graphic Aids. Draw the students’ attention to any charts, tables, graphs or maps that may be used in the chapter. Explain that these graphic aids are valuable resources for summarizing important information found in the text. If students are having difficulty reading or understanding a certain graphic aid, the teacher may wish to conduct mini-lessons at a later date.

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Home > Florida Then & Now > A Short History of Florida > Previewing

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