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Civil Rights Movement in Florida


  1. Students will be able to determine of the amount of time it took for black Floridians to achieve equal rights.
  2. Students will be able to name important leaders in the Civil Rights Movement in Florida.
  3. Students will be able to explain the importance of equal rights for all people.
  4. Students will be able to describe the impact that the Civil Rights Movement had on the economic growth of Florida.
  5. Students will be able to identify the injustices caused by segragation.

Sunshine State Standards Benchmarks:

SS.A.1.2.1 - SS.A.6.2.3 - SS.A.6.2.4 - SS.C.2.2.3


equality discrimination segragation racist racism
boycott advocated integration wages mobilized

Suggested Activities:

  1. Read the passage with the students using the ReQuest strategy.
  2. Place students in small groups. have each group select the civil rights leader they believe to be the most influential in Florida. have them prepare a speech which outlines that individual's contributions and explains why they consider that person to be significant to Florida histroy.
  3. Introduce and define the vocabulary words using the C(2)QU strategy.
  4. Have the students choose an important person discussed in the passage to research furthur and then create a chracter map to present to the class.
  5. Invite a member of the local NAACP to be a guest speaker at your school.
  6. Complete and review FCAT questions.

(Note: Actual FCAT practice passages are wrtten at the students' independent reading level. These Florida History selections are written at the students' instructional reading level. Therefore, students should not be asked to complete the questions until after receiving class instruction on the vocabulary and content of the passage. Students should also read the Florida History selection independently before answering the FCAT questions and be permited to return to the selection for rereading as they answer.)

Home > Florida Then & Now > A Short History of Florida > Civil Rights Movement in Florida


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