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The SQ3R method is a sequence of strategies to be followed when reading content area or informational texts following five steps.

  1. Survey. The students survey what they are about to read. This should give the students an idea as to the content and organization of the text.

  2. Question. The students return to the first section of the text they are to read and formulate a question. This sets the purpose for reading.

  3. Read. The students are to read the first section in an attempt to answer their proposed question. If their first question is not answered, they formulate a new one and answer it.

  4. Recite. The students answer their question in their own words, either orally or written without looking back at the text for help.

  5. Reviewing. The students review the material by again answering the questions they formulated without the aid of the text.

  6. Repeat steps 1-4 for each section of the text until the assigned reading is complete.

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Home > Florida Then & Now > SQ3R Strategy

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