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Plot Diagram

Plot diagrams are another strategy involving story structure, specifically the plot and the sequence of events surrounding the main character(s). Most story plots involve a main character or characters who must solve a problem or reach some goal. To do so there is typically a series of events or challenges that must be overcome in order to reach a resolution. In this strategy students are asked to imagine the plot structure as a journey in order to reach their destination.

  1. The teacher will read a story to the class or have them read it silently.

  2. The teacher records the main character’s journey onto a transparency or large piece of paper as dictated by students.

  3. The teacher records each obstacle or challenge the main character experiences onto the transparency or chart paper with a sentence and a picture. The plot diagram will look similar to a map when complete. For example, a challenge for the main character to overcome may be shown as a hill, mountain, or bridge to cross.

Home > Florida Then & Now > Plot Diagram Strategy

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