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Gallery: Via Mizner and Via Parigi

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Covered walkway at Via Mizner, which is located on Worth Ave. and was designed by Addison Mizner in the 1920s.

Sign for Via Mizner that specifies the location of both Leta Austin Foster & Assoc. and Barzina.

View of the archway leading to Via Parigi.

Entrance to Penato's.

View of a balcony.

Detail of a gate.

View of a tower.

View of a balcony for Verdura Jewelry.

Archway leading to Verdura Jewelry.

Sign for Via Mizner.

Detail of a hanging plant.

Walkway leading to Via Parigi.



Walkway at Via Parigi leading to several shops.



Outside dining.

Hedges along a stairway.


Detail of a column.

Detail of plants along a stairway.



Walkway at Via Parigi.

Gate at Via Parigi.

Stairway at Via Parigi.


Second story of a shop.

View of a shop from across the street.


Home > Photos > Arts > Via Mizner and Via Parigi
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