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DeSoto National Memorial Gallery

The images in this section have been grouped into 6 galleries. Click on a thumbnail photo to view all of the images in that gallery.

DeSoto Armor. This section includes 2 galleries of photographs showing helmets, breastplates, chain mail, and other forms of armor that would have been used by explorers. (49 photographs)

DeSoto Camp Reenactment. Photographs of a reenactment campsite at DeSoto National Memorial Park. (25 photographs)

DeSoto Camp Reconstruction. Photographs of a reconstructed campsite. (18 photographs)

DeSoto Horses. Photographs of reenactors and horses. The horses pictured in this gallery were bred at the Fine Step Farm in Bradenton, Florida. (20 photographs)

DeSoto National Memorial Park. DeSoto Memorial Park celebrates the 1539 expedition of Hernando DeSoto. (15 photographs)


Home > Photos > Historic > DeSoto Memorial
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