Overview Decide Design Deliver Evaluate
A. Decide on Relevant Standards and Benchmarks
B. Decide if Multimedia is Appropriate
C. Decide on Learning Outcomes
D. Decide on Appropriate Assessment Measures



  1. Determine when multimedia is an appropriate classroom tool.
  2. Correlate state and national standards to multimedia activities.
  3. Identify activities and outcomes related to content, collaboration, communication, creative thinking, and critical thinking.
  4. Explain why it is important to consider assessment measures before the learning activity is designed.



Introduction and Purpose

Teachers have many teaching tools to use in the classroom -- books, videos, paper, pencils, maps, and multimedia technology. Yes, multimedia technology should simply be considered another tool in a teacher's arsenal, to be used whenever it can best serve to enhance the curriculum. The DECIDE Phase sets the stage for a multimedia activity, and focuses on determining if multimedia is an appropriate tool, outlining the instructional goal, reviewing relevant standards, and specifying assessment measures.

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Overview Design Decide Deliver Evaluate