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This strategy involves the teacher as well as the students in generating and responding to questions. Initially, students will not be able to generate questions beyond the literal, "right there" level. It is critical, therefore, for the teacher to model higher level questions, and use "think alouds" when generating questions for the students.
  1. Both the students and the teacher silently read a segment of a text.
  2. The teacher is then questioned by the students about the segment of text read. The teacher may not refer to the text while answering the questions.
  3. The teacher then questions the students about the text using higher level questions and think alouds.
  4. Another segment of the text is assigned and read by both the students and teacher. Steps 2 and 3 are repeated.
  5. Continue with as many segments as necessary.
  6. The remainder of the material is read silently with a follow-up discussion afterward.

Manzo, A. (1969). ReQuest: A method for improving reading comprehension through reciprocal questioning. Journal of Reading, 12(3), 123-126.

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