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C(2)QU (See Two Cue You)

This strategy helps students learn vocabulary through contextual clues, connections to background knowledge and predictions.
  1. The teacher previews the text to be read and pulls-out the vocabulary words to be studied.
  2. The teacher writes the vocabulary words on a transparency or chart paper in the meaningful context from which it was found in the text. (Copy the sentence the word is found in—not just the word.)
  3. The teacher then shows the sentence with the vocabulary word in it, and asks for predictions as to what the word means.
  4. Present another clue about the vocabulary word by putting the word into another sentence that has more definitional information in it. Ask for further predictions as to its meaning.
  5. Ask a question that will have the students interpreting the meaning or defining the word.
  6. Ask students to use the word in a meaningful sentence either orally or written.

Blachowics, C. (1993). C2QU: Modeling context clues in the classroom. The Reading Teacher, 29, 643–649.

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   FCAT Home > References > Strategies > Vocabulary > C(2)QUSite Map   

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