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Stereoview Gallery: Scenic Views

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A Florida highway shaded by live oaks

The silvery draperies of Spanish moss, Daytona

A Florida hammock

Lillies and cabbage

Tropical walk

A tropical forest

House on the river in Arlington

The Florida landscape

Hanging moss

Piney woods near Enterprise

South Florida prairie land

Florida swamp near Jacksonville

Tropical scene near Kissimmee

A natural bridge

A natural bridge with a rowboat tucked underneath

Elyniela bridge

Swamp land

A gathering in the shade of some live oaks and Spanish moss

Desoto Springs

Spanish moss

A shaded road

Nature's own way of gardening

An old tree draped with Spanish moss

Giant drapery of Spanish moss

Big oak at Tocoi

Nature view

Florida jungle

Devil's Millhopper sinkhole

Devil's Millhopper sinkhole


Home > Florida in 3D > Environment > Scenic Views
Site Map

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