Many educators appreciate the value of using primary source materials in the classroom. The documents selected for this section provide many possibilities for classroom discussion or student activities. For additional primary source materials related to the Holocaust, see the Web link to the Nizkor archives at the bottom of this page.

A rationale for teaching with primary sources.

Visit the Nizkor archives for an invaluable collection of Holocaust-related documents. This is the largest archive of Holocaust documents available on the Internet. Although Nizkor is working to place these materials on the Web for easier access, the bulk of the documents at this site are available only by FTP.

Visit Yad Vashem for a carefully arranged collection of 213 Holocaust documents in English.

Visit the Avalon Project at the Yale Law School for an outstanding collection of documents in law, history and diplomacy.

If you find any materials at either of these sites that are particularly useful in the classroom, please send us the address of the document and a note about how you were able to use it in the classroom. We will consider including that document and/or activity in an update to the Teacher's Guide. Also, if you develop an activity using any of the documents already included in this resource section, please let us know.

Submit a document or activity.

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