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Teachers and students should exercise extreme caution when using the Web for Holocaust research. Many sites are designed to mislead the visitor. Other sites, while accurate, may be inappropriately graphic for students. One should look carefully at the author and/or sponsor of any site.

From this page you may link to the Holocaust directories at many of the major search engines. While the sites listed in most directories have actually been reviewed, that is no guarantee of the accuracy of the information contained on those sites. Most of the search engines will allow you to do a search within their Holocaust directory. Such searches are somewhat less likely to retrieve irrelevant or misleading information. As a last resort, conduct a search of the entire Web from any of the major engines, but be very careful to check the information you find against established sources. The Florida Center for Instructional Technology cannot be responsible for the accuracy or appropriateness of any information you may find on the Internet.

Visit About.com's Holocaust page.


Visit AllTheWeb's Holocaust page.

Visit AOL's Holocaust page.

Ditto searches the Web for visual resources.

Visit Google's Holocaust page.

Visit the H-Net Discussion Logs Search page and choose h-holocaust from the "discussion list" drop-down menu to search the logs of this academic forum.

Visit Ask Jeeves' Holocaust page.

Visit Links 2 Go Holocaust directory page.

Visit LookSmart's Holocaust page.

Visit Lycos's Holocaust page.

Visit the Open Directory Project's Holocaust page.

Visit Yahoo's Holocaust page.

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