Virtual Reality Movies

QuickTime virtual reality movies allow you to rotate your view of a scene through a complete 360 degree horizontal circle. It is as if you are standing in a location, and can turn in any direction. To view the movie, click and hold your mouse button on the movie and then drag the mouse to rotate the scene.

Control bar

As you "turn," you can zoom into the scene for a closer look at a particular part.

Zoom in icon Use this button to zoom in. You can also zoom in by using the shift key--even as you are rotating the scene with your mouse.

Zoom out icon Use this icon to zoom out. You can also zoom out by using the control key on your keyboard.

Save as demonstration

Movies can be saved to your hard drive for viewing off line. Click on the drop-down menu at the end of the control bar and then select "Save as QuickTime Movie..."

Auschwitz. Auschwitz was a concentration camp located in what is now southern Poland. Views of the camp include: the entrance with the famous Arbeit Macht Frei gate, the roll call area, the death block, a view from inside the gate, and a view near the gas chamber. (5 movies)
Birkenau. Birkenau, though much larger, was a sub-camp of Auschwitz. Views include: an overview of the camp from the watchtower, various roads throughout the camp, the children's barracks, a barracks interior, and several views of crematorium/gas chamber ruins. (12 movies)
Majdanek. Majdanek camp and killing center opened near Lublin in eastern Poland in late 1941. At first a labor camp for Poles and a POW camp for Russians, it was classified as a concentration camp in April 1943. Like Auschwitz, it was also a major killing center. (4 movies)
Mauthausen. Mauthausen was a forced labor camp located in Austria. Views include the quarry, the garage yard, the roll call area, and a monument. (5 movies)
Mittelbau-Dora. This concentration and slave labor camp was known for its production of V2 and V1 rockets in a large tunnel system. Views include the Appelplatz, memorial, and an overview of the lower camp. (3 movies)
Terezín. Terezín, a Nazi ghetto located in Czechoslovakia, was created in late 1941 as a "model Jewish settlement" to deceive the outside world as to the treatment of the Jews. The Small Fortress at Terezín was used as a prison. The VRs in this section show the entrance to the Small Fortress, the third courtyard (for women), the fourth courtyard, the hospital block, and the place of execution. (5 movies)
Treblinka. Treblinka was the extermination camp located northeast of Warsaw. Residents of the Warsaw ghetto were murdered here. The camp was destroyed before the end of the war, so a large memorial site was planned with 17,000 stones representing lost communities. (3 movies)
Other Camps. Views of other camps include: Buchenwald, Dachau, Ebensee, Neuengamme, Plaszow, Ravensbrück, Sachsenhausen, and Wernigerode. (13 movies)
Other Locations. Views of the House of the Wannsee Conference, the Warsaw Jewish Cemetery, the Topography of Terror exhibit in Berlin, the Bernburg "euthanasia" facility, memorials in Amsterdam and Miami, a memorial garden dedicated to murdered children, and several examples of Third Reich architecture. (11 movies)
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