College of Education Constitution and Faculty Council

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The College of Education of the University of South Florida Constitution, 1979.

During the early years of the University of South Florida, the College of Education faculty members were heavily engaged in developing new programs, writing new course proposals, and preparing teaching materials. The University did have a faculty senate with representation from the College of Education, but there was only moderate concern among College of Education faculty members regarding shared governance with the administration.

In 1976, the United Faculty of Florida, (the union organization for higher education faculty and professionals in the state of Florida), had gained recognition from the Florida Public Employee Commission. By l979, USF faculty members were in the process of writing a constitution and electing a faculty senate. During this same period of time, College of Education faculty members were developing a constitution for shared governance with the College’s administration. The constitution was completed in June, 1979, and was approved by a 77 to 2 vote of the faculty. By December 1979, the by-laws had been developed, and a College of Education Council was elected. The fifteen members who composed the Faculty Council were tenured and tenured-earning faculty elected to the Council by faculty members in their respective departments. The president of the College Council was a faculty member elected to represent the faculty at large.

The first president of the Faculty Council was Dr. Phil Pfost. The elected council members were: Dr. Jerri Durso, Dr. Hayden Byrant, Dr. Leon Grabell, Dr. Dick Ober, Dr. Surrendra Singh, Dr. Don Ferguson, Dr. John Knego, Dr. Don Lichtenberg, Dr. Doug Stone, Dr. Charles Smith, Dr. Les Tuttle, Dr. Frank Freshour, and Dr. Larry Monley. The Faculty Council had three standing committees: Program Policy, Personnel Policy, and Finance and Budget.

In 1980, the president of the Faculty Council was Dr. James Dickinson, with Dr. Surrendra Singh serving as the vice president. The Council which was based on a promise of shared governance and collegiality between the College of Education faculty and the administration functioned for a few years and then faded over time.

Faculty interest in governance was revived in 1995 after a College of Education governance retreat. As a result, the 1979 constitution was revised and a College Council was elected. Presidents of the College of Education Council since 1995 have been: Dr. Pat Daniel, Dr. Marcia Mann, Dr. Steve Permuth, Dr. Erwin V. Johanningmeier, and Dr. Ann Cranston-Gingras. Dr. Cranston-Gingras currently serves as the president of the College Council.

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