College of Education Departments

The structure of the College of Education has evolved considerably since it was founded in 1960. When the College opened its doors in 1960, Dean Battle did not have an administrative team in place, nor were there department chairs. However, nine degree-granting programs were offered and each program had an assigned coordinator. The first graduates of the College obtained degrees in the areas of art education, elementary education, English, speech, language arts, mathematics education, music education, social science education, and physical education.

By 1966, the College began to form the administrative structure that is similar to what exists in 2006. That year, an administrative team was put in place with the following appointments: Dr. William Danenburg was appointed as Assistant Dean of Administration; Dr. Ray Urbanek was appointed as Assistant Dean for Advising and Certification; Dr. Robert Shannon was appointed as Assistant Dean for Programs; and Dr. Charles Manker was appointed as Assistant Dean of Instruction and Research.

The growth of the College has been remarkable. Degree programs in the College increased from nine in 1960 to twenty by 1970. In 1963, the College of Education graduated 188 students. In 2006, the College of Education had 182 full-time faculty members, thirty degree programs, and has over 50,000 alumni.

Over the years, the departments of the College have changed with the times. Many have grown while others have been eliminated. This chapter tells the story of how the College has evolved and broadened its mission to meet the needs of USF students and leaders in the field of education.

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