College of Education Support Staff

A history of the College of Education would not be complete without the recognition of the many contributions made by the support staff members within the Dean’s Office, the academic departments, and the centers and institutes. These dedicated professionals include receptionists, administrative assistants, office managers, accountants, technology support, and faculty assistants have made it possible for faculty and administrators to provide quality education, to conduct innovative research and to provide extensive professional services.

The list below is of staff members who have been identified as having provided from ten to over 35 years of service to the College of Education and to the University of South Florida. This recognition comes with a debt of gratitude for their contribution to the success of the College of Education in its first 50 years.

35 Years of Service

30 Years of Service

25 Years of Service

  • Sharon Evatt
  • Hetty Kerrebyn Glusman
  • Susan Granda
  • Mary Lou Hirschman
  • Diane Levitsky
  • Elizabeth Mitchell
  • Patricia Claytor
  • Mary DeMeza Hardy
  • Martha Langlois
  • Betty Patterson
  • Marlene Reese
  • Kathleen White
  • JoAnn Aaron
  • Barbara Baucom
  • JoAnn Bryan
  • Brenda Davis
  • Shirley Fredricks
  • Mary Lou Hirschman
  • Mary Sacco
  • Lucy Smith
  • Carolyn Turkington

20 Years of Service

15 Years of Service

10 Years of Service

  • Carol Baker
  • Eileen Beach
  • Ruth Brightwell
  • Helen Curtiss
  • Sharman McCrae
  • Kathryn Nance
  • Judy Oltz
  • Marlene Reese
  • Colleen Rossbach
  • Ruth Turner
  • Marilyn Washington
  • Kathy Whetsell
  • Susan Wood
  • Doris Berisford
  • Maxine Bland
  • Lora Crider
  • Easter Curry
  • Martha Delfino
  • Susan Foster
  • Maxine Gardner
  • Janice Gearen
  • Aaron Greaser
  • Andretha Hall-Reeves
  • Danny Hector
  • Carolyn Hines
  • Ruby Jackson
  • Mary Lyman
  • Mary Ann Maloney
  • Christina Miranda
  • Susan O’Neal
  • Maria Paul
  • Peg Piscitello
  • Arrie Potter
  • Myrna Raney
  • Martha Richardson
  • Haydee Sevilla
  • Susan Wood
  • Liz Swezey Adkins
  • Walter Chason
  • Helen Castry
  • Virginia Cosmides
  • Robert Davis
  • Jackie Elder
  • Donita Franklin
  • Carrie Freeberg
  • Nadia Khouri
  • Tanice Knopp
  • Paul Levitsky
  • Mary Lyman
  • Karen Mann
  • John Radloff
  • Jeff Russell
  • Stephen Shoe
  • Scott Siefreit
  • Judith Thomas
  • Darran Town
  • Shawnda Weaver
  • Ursula White
  • Dianne Wood

Recipients of the Quiet Quality Award

Lora Crider, an administrative assistant in the Dean’s Office, served as the president of the University Services Personnel Senate (USPS) from 1996 to 1998. During her tenure, the USPS created the “Quiet Quality Awards” to honor those staff members at the University who have shown exceptional and exemplary job performance as they have assisted students, faculty, staff, or clients to enhance the quality of services that are provided by the University of South Florida. The honor has been bestowed monthly since 1996 to a selected few who have been nominated by department chairs or co-workers. This section lists the staff members from the College of Education who have received the “Quiet Quality Award.”

Helen Curtiss

School of Physical Education Wellness and Sport Studies
November 2002

Marilyn Washington

College of Education, Dean’s Office
December 2002

Georgia McKenzie

College of Education, Dean’s Office
December 2002

Cindy Wilk

Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources
April 2003

Ann McClard

College of Education, Dean’s Office
May 2003

Virginia Sandy Turner

Psychology and Social Foundations
July 2003

Paula K. Stewart

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
February 2004

Stephanie Ballinger

Anchin Center
March 2004

Lizette Charriez Delgado

Anchin Center
March 2004

Rebecca Wilkins

College of Education, Dean’s Office
December 2004

Carrie Ann Perez

Childhood Education
April 2005

Jane Campainge

Anchin Center
September 2005

Nadia Khouri

School of Physical Education Wellness and Sport Studies
October 2005

Jodi Northway

Stavros Center
October 2005

Janet Lyons

USF Preschool for Creative Learning
October 2005

Kathleen White

College of Education, Dean’s Office
May 2006

Maxine Gardner Bland

Secondary Education
September 2005
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