3. Identifying Specific Learning Objectives:

Thanks and a disclaimer: Several teachers completed a version of the CTC in the spring of 2000. Their work has provided the core of the samples below. We have, however, modified some of the selections to maintain confidentiality and to ensure that the samples reflect the revisions we have made in the instructions. Thanks to all the teachers who helped us with the original samples. Your input helped us make this a better process for all.

(From 5th grade science)
Students will be able to identify the basic parts of a microscope.

Students will use a microscope to make observations of various slides.

These outcomes align with Sunshine State Standards for science, H1 "The student uses the scientific process and habits of mind to solve problems."


(2nd grade)
As a result of these lessons students will be able to use a variety of sentence types with appropriate final punctuation (question marks, periods and exclamation points.)


(7th-8th grade language arts)
As a result of these lessons students will:

  • Make connections between the experiences they have had and who they are now.
  • Gain further practice in the writing process including prewriting, drafting, revising, peer editing, proofreading, expressing a voice.
  • Share family heritage and customs through peer editing
  • Develop further understanding and use of the six traits in writing