8. Plan For Next Steps:

Thanks and a disclaimer: Several teachers completed a version of the CTC in the spring of 2000. Their work has provided the core of the samples below. We have, however, modified some of the selections to maintain confidentiality and to ensure that the samples reflect the revisions we have made in the instructions. Thanks to all the teachers who helped us with the original samples. Your input helped us make this a better process for all.

(7th and 8th grade language arts)
Students receive their points and written feedback and comments during an individual writer's conference. At that time we discuss if a strength is a new area of mastery or continuing a good habit. We also discuss areas of need and remark if it is an old habit or something new for this assignment. Each student is encouraged to continue to study the handout for the six traits to help them improve. They keep this handout in their binders. We also keep a writing portfolio so students and their parents can examine their work at any time. Future assignments will refer to the same six traits and follow the editing processes to reinforce the skills repeatedly. I also set individual goals for students concerning their writing.

(Middle School Math)
Since I had students pinpoint their mistakes and write a journal entry on their progress I also had them write a plan for improving their performance. In addition to more class time on this topic, students also have the option of doing additional practice problems taken from newspapers and business flyers so they can see the application of the material and using the math practice in the media center, and coming in for extra help. Parents read their journal entries and sign them so they will also be aware of the plans. Students who are ready to go on will be working on finding the percent of change in text and newspaper examples.

(2n grade language arts)
Students who did not achieve mastery of final punctuation will be able to practice it with the magnet board punctuation, during daily oral language and as we peer edit future writing. Students who did achieve mastery will be paired with those who did not, so the paired learning and editing skills can be shared. In addition, those students will work on adding more details to sentences to improve description and increase complexity. I will continue to monitor all groups and we will reinforce punctuation as we read and write.