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Red Tide Along Florida Panhandle, March 1, 1999
This is a SeaWiFS image of Florida showing red tide conditions along the Gulf Coast of Florida and Louisiana on March 1, 1999. ...

Cape Canaveral Plume, November 27, 1999
This is a satellite image of Florida that shows large quantities of relatively turbid water being advected northward from Cape Canaveral by the western edge of the Gulf Stream on November 27, 1999....

Hurricane Irene After-Effects, October 18, 1999
This SeaWiFS image of Florida shows stirred up water and excess runoff along the coast from the Florida Keys to the Carolinas, the after-effects of Hurricane Irene, on October 18, 1999....

Hurricane Donna, September 10, 1960
This is a photo of a radar tracking Hurricane Donna on September 10, 1960 at 6:00 PM EST over the state of Florida. The eye is indicated by an arrow....

Hurricane Floyd, September 14, 1999
This is a satellite image showing the position of Hurricane Floyd and its movement in Florida on September 14, 1999 at 11:16....

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  FL Maps > State > 1950-1999
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