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Florida Waterways: Santa Rosa County , 2008

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Title: Florida Waterways: Santa Rosa County
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Description: This map was created by FCIT and shows the waterways of Santa Rosa County. All major rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, and swamps are labeled. This map features Bray Mill Creek, Holly Creek, McCostill Mill Creek, Diamond Creek, Escambia River, Bell Creek, Delaney Creek, Mash Branch, Three Hollow Creek, West Fork Big Coldwater Creek, Mare Branch, Blackjack Creek, Cobb Branch, Malloy Branch, Clear Branch, Juniper Creek Meaning Creek, Wolf Creek, Hawkins Creek, Goodson Creek, Lewis Branch, Pringle Branch, Short Creek, Surveyors Creek, Bass Brinks Creek, Wolfe Creek, Earnest Mill Creek, Dixon Creek, Long Branch, East Fork Big Coldwater Creek, Big Coldwater Creek, Buck Creek, Turkey Creek, Reedy Creek, Bear Branch, Cedar Creek, Gunstock Branch, Hog Pen Branch, Clark Branch, Mason Branch, Blue Creek, Sweetwater Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Kelly Spring Branch, Middle Creek, Lighter Knot Creek, Ates Creek, Mill Creek, Ellis Creek, Maria Branch, Horns Creek, Juniper Creek, Mash Branch, Buffalo Mill Creek, Sevenmile Creek, Beale Creek, Milligan Creek, Hurricane Branch, Chicken Head, Dry Branch, Reader Creek, Long Branch Creek, Pond Creek, Jakes Bayou, Whiteoak Bayou, Blackwater River, Pelican Bayou, Clear Creek, Big Coldwater Creek, Adams Spring Branch, Big Juniper Creek, Green Branch, Coon Camp Branch, Wolftrap Branch, Blackwater River, Burnt Grocery Creek, Shoal River, Dead River, Weaver River, Hicks Creek, Weaver Creek, Yellow River, Boiling Creek, Holley Creek, Indigo Creek, Dean Creek, Panther Creek, Tom King Bayou, and East Bay River.
Source: Florida Center for Instructional Technology, (Tampa, FL: University of South Florida, 2008)
Map Credit: Courtesy of the Florida Center for Instructional Technology
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 FL Maps > County > Santa Rosa > Florida Waterways: Santa Rosa County , 2008