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Tyndall Field, Florida, 1944

Tyndall Field, Florida

Title: Tyndall Field, Florida
Projection: Polyconic,
Source Bounding Coordinates:
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Description: A portion of the Long Point Quadrangle showing details of the area around Tyndall Field, Florida. The map shows man-made structures such as State routes, primary and secondary roads, the Tyndall Airfield and military housing, as well as the locations of survey bench markers. Natural features include rivers, bayous, coastline and wetlands. Contour lines are shown at 10-foot intervals. The map is from the USGS 7 1/2-minute series, with a map scale of 1:31,680. The Township/Range grid based on the Tallahassee baseline and meridian is shown.
Place Names: Bay, Tyndall Field, Cedar Point, San Blas
ISO Topic Categories: boundaries, elevation, inlandWaters, transportation
Keywords: Tyndall Field, Florida, physical, political, transportation, physical features, topographical, local jurisdictions, roads, boundaries, elevation, inlandWaters, transportation, Polyconic, 1944
Source: E.V. Holloway, Long Point Quadrangle (Washington, DC: United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey, 1944)
Map Credit: Courtesy the private collection of Roy Winkelman
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 FL Maps > Local > Bay > Tyndall Field, Florida, 1944
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