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Saint Joe Beach, 1982

Saint Joe Beach

Title: Saint Joe Beach
Projection: Transverse_Mercator, Lambert_Conformal_Conic,
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Description: A portion of the National Ocean Survey map of Overstreet current to 1982 showing the city of St. Joe Beach. This orthophotomap shows both topographic and bathymetric features. Topographic and bathymetric contour intervals are shown in meters. Contour lines are shown at 2-meter intervals with supplemental contour intervals at 1 meter. The map shows man made structures such as major roads and buildings. Natural features include rivers, bayous, swamps and wetlands. The map scale is 1:24,000. The National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 is used in this map. The projection used 1927 North American Datum with reference on converting to North American Datum 1983. Key to NOAA maps. PLEASE NOTE: This historical data is not to be used for navigation or navigation planning. The Florida Center for Instructional Technology (FCIT) does not assume responsibility for the improper use of these data.
Place Names: Gulf, St. Joe Beach, Saint Joseph Bay, Panther Swamp
ISO Topic Categories: inlandWaters, oceans, transportation, elevation
Keywords: Saint Joe Beach, physical, transportation, hydrological, physical features, topographical, roads, water depths, inlandWaters, oceans, transportation, elevation, Transverse_Mercator, Lambert_Conformal_Conic, 1982
Source: USGS and NOAA, Overstreet Quadrangle (Reston, VA: United States Geological Survey, 1982)
Map Credit: Courtesy the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
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 FL Maps > Local > Gulf > Saint Joe Beach, 1982
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