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Hardness of Water, 1962

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Title: Hardness of Water
Projection: Unknown
Source Bounding Coordinates:
W: -81.5 E: -81 N: 28.5 S: 28

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Description: This map shows the hardness of water from the Floridian aquifer in Seminole County, current to 1962. "The hardness of water is most commonly recognized by high soap consumption. It is caused by compounds of calcium and magnesium. These compounds also are active in the formation of scale in steam boilers. The hardness of 170 ground-water samples from Seminole County ranged from 62 to 2,630 ppm as CaCO2. Water that has a hardness of less than 60 ppm may be rated as soft, and treatment for removing hardness is justified for few purposes. Hardness between 60 and 120 ppm may be classed as moderately hard, but does not interfere with the use of water for most purposes. Hardness between 120 and 200 ppm may be classed as hard and some form of softening is usually required for many industrial uses. Hardness above 200 ppm may be classed as very hard and is objectionable for most industrial and domestic uses." — Jack T. Barraclough, U. S. Geological Survey, 1962
Source: Jack T. Barraclough, U. S. Geological Survey, Ground-Water Resources of Seminole County, Florida (Tallahassee, FL: Florida Geological Survey, 1962)
Map Credit: Courtesy the University of South Florida Library
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 FL Maps > County > Seminole > Hardness of Water, 1962