Extras--Support Materials

On the second day of camp, you will start working in small groups to plan your movies. If you have friends coming to the same week of camp and you already know who you would like to work with, you can download the forms on this page and to start the planning your movie! Remember, you will be working with a team and your team will have ideas too. Making movies requires teamwork and compromise!

The Movie Project Planning sheet is the first form that you’ll complete. On this sheet, use words to describe your movie.

The Storyboards and the Script go hand-in-hand. The script has two columns: Visual and Audio/Narrative. In the visual column, use a few words to describe what the audience will see and in the Audio/ Narration column, write the words that you or your actors will say. Be sure to tell who is speaking and write out everything you want them to say. On the Storyboards, draw pictures for each camera shot in your movie. This is sort of like drawing a comic book, except you don’t need to add in the words; the words are in the script. When you plan each shot in your movie, your videotaping will go much faster and your movie will look much better. The more time you spend planning, the better your movie will be!