Here, you’ll find links to films from 2009 summer camp. Check back soon for films from 2010 summer camp.

Skateboarding Contest Mario and Peach's Adventure The Iceberg Attack Bombs Away
Battle Of The Brands The HAAM Awards Skeleton Love Rock, Paper, Money
Battle of the Opera The Friendly Ghost Al the Zombie Slayer Commercials
T5: Back to the Movies Into Monopoly Grim Invitation Back to the Past
The Ruby Holder The Anti-Evil Mortal Kombat: Reality Check! Fail!
Batman Reunited The Battle of the Breakfast The Adventure of a Lifetime Lost and Found
James and the Giant Bleach Final Ninja The Animal Dance Off White Board Wizard
Ultraham vs. Megagerbil Tonnar vs. Bradley Super Duper Size Me So You Think You Got Moves
Blob vs. Green A Rich Man's Lesson The Reign of the Zombies Swine Flu Thieves
Freddy Returns for His Stripes Detective Clumsy CSI: Concession Stand Investigation The Unusual Treasure
The Pandemic A Treasury of Messed Up Fairy Tales The Lesson of the Roach Overtime