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One to One Correspondance: Concrete Level

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Phase 1

Initial Acquisition of Skill

Phase 2

Practice Strategies

Phase 3


Phase 4


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Name of Math Skill/Concept: Identify and make groups that show one-to-one correspondence using concrete materials.

Prerequisite Skills:

Although counting is not a necessary skill to be able to match items one to one, these teaching plans do contain several counting activities. If a student cannot count items up to 10, it is recommended that the teacher provide additional scaffolding during these activities.

Learning Objectives:

1) Recognize and create groups that are matched one to one using unlike, concrete objects.

2) Recognize and create groups that are matched one to one using like, concrete objects.

3) Recognize and create groups that are not matched one to one using concrete objects.

Important Ideas for Implementation:

1) Use discrete materials that are moveable.

2) Start with groups that are very different in size shape and/or color and move to using groups that are similar.

3) Initially use ordered groups (e.g. objects in a row).


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