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Cities and Towns Gallery

The images in this section have been grouped into 67 galleries. Click on a thumbnail photo to view all of the images in that gallery.

Belle Glade. Photographs of retail establishments and homes. (4 photographs)

Bradenton. This gallery features several Bradenton landmarks. (6 photographs)

Coral Gables. Photographs of the Biltmore Hotel and various other landmarks. (7 photographs)
Cracker Country. This section includes 2 galleries showcasing images of buildings and the sugar cane process in Cracker Country. (41 photographs)
DeLand. This gallery features historic photographs and postcard views of DeLand. (6 photographs)
Daytona. This section includes 3 galleries of historic photographs and postcards featuring Daytona landmarks. (70 photographs)

Development. Photographs highlighting the development and sale of property in Florida. (11 photographs)

Ft. Lauderdale. This gallery contains photos of Ft. Lauderdale from the 30's and 70's. (7 photographs)

Fort Myers. Photographs highlighting the geography of the town. (3 photographs)

Heritage Village Park. This section includes 2 galleries of photographs from the popular open-air living history museum in Pinellas County, Florida. (47 photographs)

Homestead. Photographs showing the African American section of Homestead. (2 photographs)

Jacksonville. This section includes 2 galleries of vintage postcards featuring the many historical landmarks of Jacksonville. (43 photographs)

Key West. Photographs showing a street in Key West. (2 photographs)

Manatee Village Historical Park. This section includes 2 galleries of photographs showing buildings such as Bunker Hill School, the Stephens House, the Smokehouse, and the Wiggins Store. (58 photographs)

Miami. This section includes 4 galleries of scenic photographs showing the beach and various landmarks in Miami. (92 photographs)

Miscellaneous. Views from different towns and cities around Florida. (8 photographs)

Monticello. This section includes 2 galleries of photographs showing the Monticello Opera House and other historical buildings. (23 photographs)

New Smyrna. Includes photographs of historic sites at New Smyrna, Florida. (6 photographs)

Ormond. This gallery features historic photos of Ormond hotels. (9 photographs)

Orlando. This collection of vintage postcards features the many historical landmarks of Orlando. (27 photographs)

Palm Beach. This section includes 6 galleries of photographs showing the Town Hall, the Mizner Memorial Fountain, and other important landmarks. (135 photographs)

Rockledge. Postcard views of the Indian River and historic hotels of Rockledge. (10 photographs)

Sanford. Historic postcard views of Sanford, Florida. (13 photographs)

Sarasota. Historic postcard views of several Sarasota landmarks. (7 photographs)

St. Augustine. This section includes 5 galleries of historical photographs and postcard views of St. Augustine as well as recent pictures of the city. (107 photographs)

St. Pete. Photographic tour including structures such as the Fine Arts Museum, the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, and the Comfort Station. (7 photographs)

Tallahassee. Views of the Capitol, Supreme Court, and Turlington buildings. (48 photographs)

Tampa. This section includes 2 galleries exploring several historical and contemporary landmarks. (115 photographs)
Tarpon Springs. A look into the sponging industry in Tarpon Springs. (12 photographs)
Tavernier. Photographs of the Tavernier Hotel and the Copper Kettle Restaurant. (4 photographs)
Winter Haven. Historic photos of Winter Haven, Florida. (4 photographs)
Ybor City. Photographs of an archeological dig in process in Ybor City. (8 photographs)
Yesteryear Village. Historic Yesteryear Village at the South Florida Fair features a large collection of preserved Florida buildings. (49 photographs)


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